The O.C: le spiagge più belle, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach

Sunset at Laguna Beach

The orange county: un tour de force delle spiagge più belle, da Newport Beach a Laguna Beach

Un giorno a Los Angeles, cosa vedere.


Anyoung a tutti! Nell’ultima settimana di Luglio sono partita alla volta del sud della California, da Fiumicino direzione Los Angeles. Atterrata a LA, la mia amica Diana (la quale intervistai in questo articolo), mi è venuta a prendere e siamo immediatamente andate in centro ad esplorare. Come prima cosa ci siamo dirette ad Hollywood, che …

Best Schnitzel and beer in Wien || Where to eat in Wien

Are you wondering where to eat the best schnitzel, goulash and where to drink the best beer? There you will find all your answers!

Schönbrunn Castel and Leopold Museum|| travel diary

Today I’ll tell you about Schönbrunn Castel and Leopold Museum, where and which ticket you should buy and what you should see.

Bratislva in one day|| Travel diary


Today I’ll tell you about my one day trip i Bratislava!

Travel diary|| Wien – Bratislava part two

Belvedere museum

this is the second part of my adventure in Wien. I’ll tell you about Belvedere Museum, Mozart’s house, Beethoven Frieze and 1516 brewing company.

Travel diary|| Wien-Bratislava part one


Anyoung everybody! This is the first part of my adventure in Wien-Bratislava. If you want to know what to visit here and where to eat, just keep on reading!

Breve viaggio a Budapest last minute, cosa vedere

Itinerario per un breve viaggio a Budapest last minute.

How does an Indian see Europe?

A few months ago I did an article where I asked some questions about this topic to a nice american girl I met in January, today I’ll show you the point of view of an Indian guy that I met in Florence. So, enjoy and of course thank you so much Vivek for answering!

Where to eat in Florence

all'antico vinaio cheese and meat course

Anyoung everybody!
Today I’ll advice you where to eat in Florence 
Last months I went in Florence where, I ate in four different places so I’ll tell you what i ate and how much I paied. Are you wondering where to eat the best fiorentina? Keep on reading!